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Fire in the Sky 2006

  • Fire In The Sky 2006Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29, 2006
  • Mansfield, Washington
  • 17,000' AGL Waiver
  • $5/day or $10/weekend launch fee ($20 max per family)
  • Camping on-site
  • Porta-Potties on-site
  • Showers at Mansfield High School ($2 per)
  • Special Events:
    • Night launch
    • One-day Research launch at alternate location
    • Astronomy/Stargazing
    • 100K' Balloon satellites

- General Information -


  •  FITS 2006 FAQ
  •  FITS 2006 Special Events
  •  Mansfield Site
  •  Volunteer Signup
  •  Area Lodging/Camping
  •  WAC Liability Waiver (27K PDF)
  •  WAC Range Procedures (51K PDF)
  •  WAC Flight Cards (30K PDF)
  •  Email the Launch Director

- Details -


  • Mansfield is a rural area with limited infrastructure. Please read & heed the information about the Mansfield launch site.
  • Please read & heed our new Range Procedures.
  • Directions are on the Mansfield launch site page.
  • Here's information on lodging/camping in the area.
  • Please drive 3 mph as you approach the launch area, and within the launch area. A vehicle moving any faster can raise a surprising amount of very annoying dust!
  • Check-in with launch officials when you arrive about parking & camping.
    • Sign your liability waiver, pay range fees and get your wristband.
  • Please do not park in any areas designated for vendors or for launch administration.
  • Absolutely no fireworks or open fires! Please keep grills, stoves & lamp clear of brush and grass.

Launch Hours:

  • Saturday: 8 AM - 7PM Night launch 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Sunday: 8AM - 7PM, Research 8 AM - 7 PM
  • Monday: 8AM - 3PM (limited GSE after noon)


  • Please volunteer to help out. We can't do this launch without your help.
  • Launch officials:
    • Launch Director: Jim Pommert
    • Research Launch Director: Scott Bowers
    • LD Assistant: Bill Munds
    • RSO's: Jerry Buckles, Jim Pommert, Jim Wilkerson, Robert Moscoe, Scott Bowers, Steve Bloom
  • Commercial motors that are currently NAR, TRA or CAR safety certified only.
  • Research launch per Tripoli Research procedures and restrictions.
  • Contact the Launch Director for our 'motor mentor' program to have LEUP holders available to non-permit holders wishing to fly restricted access reloads
  • WAC supports the adherence of all State and Federal regulations regarding the transport and use of hobby rocket motors.

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