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Fire in the Sky 2006 FAQ

This information is not all-inclusive, WAC launch procedures and the NAR and Tripoli safety codes take precedence. A safety call made by the launch director is final.

The mayor, people and town of Mansfield have been incredibly gracious in allowing us to host our launch in their town. Let's show them a great, and safe launch!


  • Please first try to see if your question is answered on the FITS 2006 web pages.
  • Otherwise, contact the WAC launch director at fits2006@washingtonaerospace.org. Questions will be answered directly, and may be re-posted to the rocketsnw list

Launch Area

  • Layout
  • Roped-off parking areas southbound to the highway, including the launch control area, trash barrels and Sportmen's clubhouse
  • Radius of 2000 feet around all the launch pads.
  • To remain in the launch area, you must pay the launch fee and sign a liability waiver.

Launching Activities

  • Launch rules per NAR and Tripoli safety codes and Washington Aerospace Range Procedures.
  • Model, Mid-Power and High-Power rockets (up to N impulse), containing commercial motors
  • Research motor restrictions per Tripoli Research policy, with waivers considered given requests to the WAC Launch Committee are received by April 1st. This will allow the launch committee to review the requests, pass them on to the Tripoli board in a timely manner and respond in two weeks.

Range Personnel & Equipment

  • FITS 2006 range staffed and run according to the WAC range procedures
  • Minimum of 2 model racks, 8 mid-power pads, 4 high-power pads, plus a 'Way-far-away' pad for motors of M impulse and above.
  • Personal GSE is welcome for unique needs, as long as it meets the NAR and Tripoli safety codes. Ask permission before using it.
  • Models with electronics (altimeters, timers, cameras, etc.) or hybrid motors have priority in the launch queue.
  • Monday - one HPR pad, one mid-power pad, and one low-power rack available after noon.

Fliers' Meetings

  • Every day at 7:45 am and 12:15 pm
  • Fliers Book given at registration will contain launch info


Please see the NAR or Tripoli website for specific certification requirements.
  • L1 & L2 Certifications
    • Can conduct both NAR L1 and L2 certifications. Tripoli TBD, based on TAP attendance
    • For L2, make arrangements for the required test either prior to the weekend or with someone in attendance.
    • Bring printed copies of the certification forms and checklists with you.
  • L3 Certifications
    • L3 certs must get their NAR or Tripoli construction packages approved in advance, and make arrangements for a Tripoli Prefect or NAR L3CC committee member to be in attendance to witness the flight.
    • Must notify launch director no later than May 15th, advise desired launch time and arrange for appropriate GSE.
    • L3 cert fliers should have a pre-arranged and dedicated ground crew to assist with prep, launch pad operations, and recovery.

Research Launch

  • Sunday, 8 am to 7 pm.
  • Alternate site is approximately 10 miles east of the town.
  • Tripoli Research safety code, procedures and restrictions in effect.
  • Research flyers need to bring sufficient GSE to support their own operations, only one pad (rail) and launch system will be provided.
  • Contact the Research Launch Director Scott Bowers for further information.

Large Projects

  • Contact the launch director with details on any "M" or larger total impulse projects, or flights that may exceed 15K' AGL, prior to 5/12/05.
  • Planning to launch a motor larger than "M" class, bring your own launch pad and ignition system sufficient to fly it, based on NAR and Tripoli HPR safety code/minimum distance tables.
  • Staged/minimum diameter projects of "K" total impulse and above, plus any project of "M" total impulse and above, must include simulation data to show the estimated altitude, or the project will not fly.

Special Events


  • Kits, hardware and gift certificates raffled off on Sunday night at 8:30 pm in the clubhouse
  • Buy tickets Saturday and Sunday at the registration table and until 8:25 pm at the clubhouse.
  • PLEASE NOTE: you must be at the raffle (with your tickets) to win, or make arrangements for someone else to collect your winnings if you can't attend.
  • Donated items for the raffle will be gratefully accepted.


  • All attendees (including WAC members) must sign a liability waiver
  • Launch fees are $5/day $10/weekend launch fee (per individual, $20 max per family)
  • Mansfield area residents will be required to sign a liability waiver, but they pay no launch fee.
  • Liability waiver faxes, email files or photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
  • Attendees must show their NAR and Tripoli card, with appropriate certification level and expiration date later than May 30, 2006.
  • Colored wristband (issued at registration) showing a flier's status and cert level (spectator, model, L1, L2, or L3) must be shown to the RSO and Range Manager.
  • Wristband replacements cost $5.


  • Pre-registration via check, postmarked by May 15th, to the WAC Treasurer, address:
    Kent Newman
    13507 157th St. Ct. E.
    South Hill, WA 98374

T-Shirts & Caps

  • Please check the FITS 2006 home page for an announcement when & how cool swag is available.


  • No hotel in town
  • Small hotel is located in Waterville, approximately 35 miles southwest; chain hotels located in Chelan (25 miles) and Wenatchee (60 miles)
  • Dry Camping area divided into tents and trailers/RVs.
  • Generator use allowed between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • Be a good neighbor and follow posted signs and guide ropes on arrival.


  • Please check the FITS 2006 home page for the latest vendor information.


  • No family restaurant in town.
  • Local bar serves food; only 21 and over allowed in. Takeout available.
  • The bar stays open midnight up to 2 am, depending on the crowd.
  • Daytime snack bar will be open in the launch area.
  • Small grocery and hardware store, 7 am - 7 pm Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm Sunday, and 7 am - 7 pm Monday.
  • Gas station in town. Accepts only credit cards.
  • Jameson Lake Resort


  • No fireworks, period.

Fire Barrel

  • There will be a community fire barrel in the launch area. Absolutely no propellant scraps or other dangerous items in the fire barrel.
  • No other open fires permitted in the camping or launch area.
  • Hibachi or Weber-type charcoal grills, gas grills, or off-ground/screened fireplaces are permitted.


  • Mansfield Sportsmen's Clubhouse available for gatherings and raffle.
  • Adults (over 21) are welcome in the clubhouse at any time. Clubhouse off-limits to under-21 after 11 pm.
  • Parents/guardians directly supervise under-21 at all times. Due to several incidents last year, adults must be in same room as children. No exceptions.


  • No alcohol consumption during flying hours.
  • You are welcome to bring your own alcohol.
  • Use it in a controlled manner.
  • No underage (under 21) alcohol consumption. This voids insurance coverage.


  • This is a family event. Children of any age are welcome, however; they must be supervised by their parents or guardian.
  • When children are present, please watch your language and conversation topics to keep them appropriate to the nearby audience.


  • We don't encourage pets at FITS.
  • Dogs must be under their owners' immediate control in the camping area, through the launch control area, all the way out to the launch pads.
  • Aggressive dogs will be confined to their owners' vehicle or campsite


  • 6 portapotties at the commercial site and one at the Research site.
  • Two large trash barrels near the Sportsmen's club building. No unbagged trash, bring you own bags.
  • Mansfield high school gym showers available during the day, tickets $2 each, at registration table.

Emergency Services

  • Mansfield fire department at the launch area, with EMT services, other duties permitting.
  • Mansfield has 2 ambulances, and 18 EMTs and 2 IV techs on staff.
  • Medical evacuation available by helicopter, may take up to 20 minutes to arrive. If you have a medical condition which could possibly require immediate treatment, please realistically evaluate your risk for attending
  • WAC will have a number of fire extinguishers located at the pads. If you can bring a fire extinguisher with you, please do so.

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