Washington Aerospace Club
National Association of Rocketry Section 578
Tripoli Rocketry Association Prefecture 41

Washington Aerospace Records Regulations

  1. Record attempts are permissible by members or non members of Washington Aerospace at Washington Aerospace launches.
  2. Record attempt to be declared pre-flight on flight card.
  3. Speed and/or altitude to be measured via onboard electronics. Barometric data is required for altitude measurment.
  4. Flight measurement is required to be available on the launch day and upon verification will be added to the flight card post flight.
  5. Flights must be in accordance with NAR or TRA Safety codes and with regard to local and federal laws.
  6. Post flight, the rocket must be deemed 'flyable' with the same recovery criteria as a NAR or TRA certification flight. In the case of multistage flights, all stages must be recovered and deemed flyable.
  7. Validation must be made by two members of Washington Aerospace.
  8. Records to be maintained as 'All Time' and 'Annual'.
  9. The launch coordinator for the launch is responsible for recording of the records.
  10. Records to be announced in and distributed with the post launch report.
  11. Records to be posted on the Washington Aerospace website.
  12. Record classifications:
    • Speed per impulse class ( non-complex rocket )
    • Altitude per impulse class( non-complex rocket )
    • Speed per impulse class ( staged rocket )
    • Altitude per impulse class( staged rocket )
    • Speed per impulse class ( clustered rocket )
    • Altitude per impulse class( clustered rocket )
    • Staging: Most stages flown in a single flight.
    • Clustering: Most motors ignited in a single flight.

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