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Mansfield Snell Ranch Launch Site

Our FAA waiver for the Snell Ranch site allows us to fly to 25,000 feet AGL (27,144 feet MSL).

From Mansfield, travel Hwy 172 east approx 9.75 miles and turn right onto "O" Rd NE (dirt) (Lat 47 deg 48' 55.18"N; Long 119 deg 25' 37.87"W). Proceed south 1.9 miles to the quonset hut.

Snell Ranch


Click for Mansfield, Washington Forecast Flying season temperatures average from a low of 45 to a high of 80, with extremes from 30 to 100 degrees. Winds average 5-15 mph, lower in the AM or mid-day, with peaks to 25 mph, and higher with local wind-devils or squalls. Be prepared for wind: use sturdy canopies & tents, with guy lines. There is a neglible chance of rain. However, if it does rain, it could be heavy.

Most of the surrounding area is state land cultivated with wheat, with occasional fallow fields or rocky uncultivated areas. The terrain is slightly rolling, with few fences. There is one marshy area close to the launch site, and a small pond on the south side of the main east-west road, about 500 yards SW of the launch site.

Do not capture or disturb local wildlife under any circumstances. Rattlesnakes are native to the area. If you come across one, back away slowly and notify the RSO of its location. Please make sure your children are aware of the hazards associated with rattlesnakes. Ticks can also be an issue - please be aware of mitigation & inspection procedures.


Mansfield has a grocery store and bar. The grocery's hours were posted as 8 am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday during our site survey. The bar serves food, but individuals younger than 21 are not allowed inside. They will make up takeout food, and the grocery store makes sandwiches. The gas station in town is open during the day, but it is best for folks to fill up in Waterville or down in the valley on the way in.

Potable water is not available at the site, but it is in town (roughly 2 miles away). Please plan accordingly, and bring plenty of water.

Due to the dry nature of the area, open fires & fireworks are not permitted at the launch site.

Concessions & Porta-Potties may be available at certain launches

Several of us had good cell phone reception on the Verizon network while on the site survey.


The town of Mansfield has no lodging, but an un-verified list of regional hotels and campgrounds is available. During the Memorial Day weekend, lodging is likely to be scarce. Overnight camping is available at the site, with some restrictions. Please talk to the person at the check-in/Pad Manager table for details.

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